Provillus Side Effects

Thinking about tackling your hair loss with Provillus? Perhaps you should consider the many Provillus side effects before you begin taking this serious supplement. Provillus may claim to be an all-natural supplement with no reported side effects, but before you get started, it is essential that you do your homework.

One of the ingredients in Provillus is Siberian Ginseng, and that can have serious consequences for some users. It can lower blood sugar levels, cause dizziness, disorientation, increase heart rate, and lead to loss of muscle control. Anxiety, breast pain, and headache are all quite common with this ingredient. It can also interfere with prescription drugs.

Another major ingredient in Provillus is zinc sulfate. It has been known to lead to nausea, difficulty breathing, and birth defects. Moreover, it has a tendency to decrease the absorption of antibiotics in your blood stream, so if you become ill while using Provillus, your doctors will have to work much harder to cure your condition.

One final major ingredient in Provillus is magnesium, and if you have a kidney disease, this can be fatal. For anyone, though, it can cause all sorts of intestinal difficulties including diarrhea, nausea, and cramping.

As with any supplement, if you have any serious ongoing medical conditions or you take prescription drugs on a regular basis, you should talk with both your doctor and pharmacist before you even consider taking Provillus. Provillus is a dietary supplement, but many of its ingredients can harm your body. After all, you simply want a hair regrowth formula that works, not one with side effects that will make you sick.

If you want something that won't harm your body, consider all natural Procerin. With a blend of seventeen ingredients proven to regrow hair, Procerin is the solution you're looking for without the side effects. Visit for more information today.

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