Rogaine Side Effects

If you're like many balding men, you've probably considered Rogaine as one of your many hair regrowth alternatives. As with any medication or dietary supplement, though, investigating its side effects before you begin taking it is essential.

  • One of the most common reported side effects with Rogaine is an itching of the scalp. Nearly six percent of all users report this issue. While this issue can usually be solved with the help of a dandruff shampoo, some men have to stop using the product in order to stop the flaking problems caused by Rogaine.

  • Chest pain and rapid heart beat are two other possible side effects of using Rogaine. Because the active ingredient, Minoxodil, was originally developed to treat high blood pressure, you may experience blood flow issues from using it on your scalp.

  • Unexplained weight gain and dizziness are two other possible side effects of Rogaine. Headaches have also been known to occur among Rogaine users.

Before you begin using Rogaine, your doctor or pharmacist will offer you a complete listing of possible side effects to watch for. Should you choose to begin using Rogaine, keep a log of any particular side effects you experience. Contact your doctor if they become serious.

Fortunately, the majority of Rogaine users don't experience side effects like these. Unfortuantely, there's always the possibility that you may be the one who does. Anytime you choose to take a prescription medication that contains chemicals, you choose to introduce unnatural ingredients into your blood stream, and that puts you at risk for harmful drug interactions.

If you'd prefer to avoid some of the more serious side effects Rogaine has been known to cause, perhaps it's time to consider Procerin. An all natural dietary supplement, Procerin contains seventeen natural ingredients, and has no serious reported side effects. If you're interested in learning about the natural side of hair regrowth, visit today.

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